Puma takes performance bodywear to the next level

I’m loving my new Puma Leggings! PUMA has taken performance wear to the next level with the launch of its PUMA ACTV and PUMA RCVR bodywear, the first-to- market use of both in-built athletic taping and enhanced compression.


See below the taping inside! I love how it feels like it’s really holding everything together. Very supportive as you run.

Compression apparel has been shown to reduce muscle vibration and promote faster recovery, while athletes use tape on their skin to help with muscle support. PUMA’s latest range of PUMA ACTV (“active”) training tights, shorts and tops goes a step further with strategically built in elasticized silicone tape.


PUMA RCVR (“recover”), designed to help maximise recovery post workout, fuses the recovery benefits of targeted advanced compression with taping to assist the body’s natural systems and support the most fatigued muscles.

See for stores  And see www.puma.com/actvrcvr for more information.


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