100% Design South Africa

100 Beautiful Things is a pop-up gallery of design to celebrate World Design Capital’s theme of Beautiful Places, Beautiful Things, and the launch of the international design show 100% Design South Africa. This sounds like a must do in celebration of Cape Town, World Design Capital 2014!

Bronze Bear by Bronze Age www.bronzeage.co.za

Everything in the gallery is designed and made in SA and in production in 2014. It is curated by former magazine editor and Programmes Director of 100% Design South Africa; Cathy O’Clery. The gallery will be part of the 100% Design South Africa Pavilion at Decorex, 25-28 of April, 2014 at the CCTICC.

Black Clay Jug with Cork Stopper by Laurie Wiid Van HeerdenWire Bottles designed by Richard Sparks in collaboration with local security guardsPorcelain Vases by Lisa Firer www.lisafirer.co.za

Details on the exhibition 100% Design South Africa can be found on http://www.100percentdesign.co.za Or from Cathy O’Clery cathy.100percentdesign@ThebeReed.co.za


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