Reflection Friday: Facing My Fears Part 1 & My First Audio Interview #yearoffear

When we decided to move to Dublin, almost a year ago now – I didn’t realise I had subconsciously started my #yearoffear. It was the catalyst for the change I was so badly craving. I was feeling stagnant and all my fears were just keeping me there! (More on that coming in Part 2.) But it wasn’t until I listened to (and here I go again) a podcast with current internet sensation Kendra Wright from, that I really made the conscious decision to start facing my fears.

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Kendra Wright is a blogger, writer, speaker and location independent entrepreneur. She has completed over 700 self assigned comfort zone challenges and specializes in teaching others how to break through fear and uncertainty, productivity slumps, and create better work life balance (without abandoning the inner hustle).

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To cut a long story short – I got to interview Kendra so that I could share with you our thoughts on #theyearoffear, productivity, blogging and living life!

Here we go:

A big thanks to Kendra once again for sharing her story! For more on #theyearoffear see here, and for more on her calendar planning system, see here! Leaning into my fears has been one of the most rewarding & exhilarating things I’ve done! Once you start, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier! I have a long way to go . . .  pop back next week as I speak more about my #yearoffear xx



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