21 Day Nourish & Glow Round Up

So my 3 week program is done and I enjoyed every minute of it. (Ok, except for the first few days where I felt like I was going backwards, my body adjusting to some new food groups) The fact that I could still have my (daily) 2 cups of coffee & a steak was a big win! What I’m taking away or adopting from the 21 Day Nourish & Glow Program is:

*Starting the day with hot/warm lemon water (Read up on the benefits here!)

* Switching from milk to sugar free almond milk (I’m less bloated)

* Adding smoothies to my diet (A great way to pack as much goodness & skin glowing ingredients into one meal) I’m going to be alternating them with eggs or grain-free granola for breakfast. (Here are some recipes from week 1 if you missed it)

* reigning in my alcohol intake to a few nights a wk – i.e. no booze Sun-Thurs (well lets see how we go, I aint no saint when I hear POP, FIZZ!) I sleep better, more motivated and productive!

*Colour!! Think red cabbage, peppers, spinach – the more colour the better!

* Lots of healthy, easy new recipes – (Marlien even puts your shopping list together!)  And here’s my gift to you! Marlien’s Grain-Free Granola Recipe. It’s so comforting, nutritious and more-ish!

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 9.30.09 AM

RECIPE: Grain-free granola with tahini & honey:

½ cup of raw cashew nuts

½ cup of raw almonds

1/3  cup of raw sunflower seeds

1/3 cup of shredded coconut

1 tablespoon of coconut oil molten/ slightly warmed

Tahini & Honey (see instructions for qty)

Fine pink salt

In a bowl, stir the coconut oil through almonds and cashews, adding a pinch of salt. Next place them on a baking sheet and put them in a 150 degree Celsius preheated oven for 7 minutes, then remove and set aside to cool.

Next lightly toast the seeds and shredded coconut in a large dry pan for 7 minutes on medium heat, stirring frequently with a wooden spoon, when coconut become golden remove the pan from the heat and allow the seeds and coconut to cool, still giving it a stir now and again whilst cooling.

Now simply stir all the nuts, seeds and coconut together until it is well mixed and make sure it is properly cooled before storing it in an airtight jar/ container.

Serve the grainfree granola with 2 tablespoons of tahini & 1 tablespoon of honey. (I can’t get enough!)


Results you can expect from the 21 Day Nourish & Glow Program: 

Glowing skin (Definitely improved!)
Weight loss (Tick)
Clear mind (Tick)
Clear eyes (Tick)
Faster metabolism (Not sure but I did lose weight)
Decreased anxiety (Tick)
Stronger immune system ( Well I’ve not been sick 🙂  )
Dramatically increased energy levels (Mmmm I still crave a power nap – but I still wake up at night for a toddler)
Better quality of sleep (Tick)

If you feel like you’re in bit of a slump – I can highly recommend this tailor-made programme (R550) Find Out More Here! 

*Side note: My thoughts on Sugar & Low Carb – now if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll be asking, now what happened to Banting Kim? Most of Marliens Smoothies have 2 fruits in – and I think a little fruit sugar & raw honey is fine – they have amazing health benefits. It’s more about being aware! As Sarah Wilson from “I Quit Sugar” said, she would have 3 fruits, dried fruit, honey in her tea and some dark chocolate after lunch and dinner and think she was being healthy – that’s around 25 teaspoons of sugar! And sugar is sugar – be it from fruit or a coke!


So I’m still staying away from sugar with the exception of 2 fruits every other day and some honey. I’m also staying away from the carbs, but adopting some slow release, starchy veg/legumes like chickpeas and sweet potatoes. And look, I use this as a general lifestyle & way of eating. I’m not the sugar police – cheesecake still makes me week at the knees!

It’s about experimenting and listening to your body and fueling it with what makes you feel GREAT! xx


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