The Journey Of A Collaboration & How It Began

So, if you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’ll understand my love for Moroccan design. Inspired by my travels to Morocco, I was influenced even more so to create something and to somehow immerse myself more within this exotic styling.


Later, I began to pick up on a trend in the fashion and design world, and that was collaborations. Musicians designing for fashion houses, fabric houses teaming up with design stores and so, I stumbled upon the missing link to my dream. While I don’t have the skills to physically make up stuff, I’m filled with ideas and styling inspiration – and so collaborating these ideas with someone who was an expert in their craft, made perfect sense! And so, our “Kelim Project” began.

I approached the fabulous sister duo, Charlotte of Chill Winstan & Frances of House Of Cinnamon – Having owned a few of their creations, I knew they were the girls for the job when it came to style and quality. So where to start . . .

I spent hours on Pinterest – just collecting references for inspiration, a bounce board to fuel our design process.


I took loads of photos of my own Kelims, trying to capture the textures and tones. We originally wanted to use actual Kelim, but then felt this idea had been done, was too heavy for beach bags and sandals and was also going to be an expensive process.


Having worked with Airloom Rugs and knowing they were in the printing business, the stars aligned that week, when I approached Rosie of Airloom. She mentioned that they were looking into printing fabric – and so the idea was born to create our own Kelim inspired fabric.


After coming up with designs, we needed to find a fabric that was going to enhance that “kelim texture”, not cost the earth but offer a premium quality. No easy task.


Then, ta daaaa, the excitement elevates as we take print to fabric!


Next, samples are made . . .


And, my excitement, getting my hands on them!


Then it’s all about getting product photographed, what to call the collection, how to position the product and getting everyone’s timings to align as we all run our own separate businesses and various other projects. The whole process took far longer than I had imagined, but getting things right is key! I’ve learnt so much along the way and so enjoyed working & collaborating with these amazing women.

And so . . . all will be revealed next week, phase 1 at least 🙂 See you then!



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