Why A Capsule Wardrobe Is Good For You

Inspired by the Netflix Documentary, Minimalism – A documentary about the important things; I teamed up with The Mono Online Store to create some capsule wardrobe inspiration.

Did you know that decision-fatigue is a thing? We have so many decisions to make each day, that by simplifying our lives, we eliminate the noise & clutter in our head, saving energy for what’s most important. Minimalism is not about getting rid of everything, rather it’s about making space for what’s important.

I love the idea of a clothing rail in ones room (This works esp well in small apartments) forcing one to choose well, with thought and intention, living with what actually works together and cutting down on decision making! You may be interested in checking out the 333 Project – The Minimalist Fashion Challenge. 

( Contemporary clothing rail / Industrial clothing rail / Birch plywood box / Wire mesh board)

For more Minimalist inspiration, check out The Minimalists Blog & Podcasts,  Be More With Less Blog, The Mono Online Store for neat, minimal products & their blog for super useful styling tips. xx



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