Skinny Vs Boyfriend

I’m going to be a total flake here, and say I can’t decide. I honestly do love them both, depending on my mood!

(Boyfriend Jeans, Desray)

I love the relaxed casual style of the boyfriend jeans . You could take them from classic, minimalism with a white tee to a little more grungy and edgy with a leather jacket and black Converse hightops.


(Levis Super Skinny Jeans Dusk Rinse from Zando)

And a stretchy denim in a skinny cut also offers complete comfort, yet can be dressed up or down. I love them with an oversized sweater or shirt. If I were to imply a rule, I’d say when you’re going tight at the bottom, go loose on the top and vice/versa 🙂


Which style do you prefer? I know my mom would say Boyfriend Jeans, Kim! xx


One thought on “Skinny Vs Boyfriend

  1. I love skinny jeans, am slightly addicted- but I recently bought a pair of ‘boyfriend looking’ jeans which I adore and I must say, I enjoy this look so much! It’s impossible to choose! I would say that it totally depends on your mood and what top you want to wear. That would influence which jeans I reach for in my cupboard. However, in winter it’s hands down skinny jeans win – they look ahmazing with boots!! So hmmm, methinks skinny jeans have the upper hand overall. Off to explore the link to those stunning Levi’s – thanks!


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