New Series: Tips From Friends

Lately, I’ve come across some really great tips from friends, and it made me think, that some of the best finds are usually through word of mouth. And so, a new series was inspired!

I was chatting to my Aussie friend Jane the other day and she asked if I was wearing tinted moisturiser. I mentioned that I just had a little Soil rosehip oil on as I was off for a run. She asked as she thought I was looking brown (it’s Ireland, you notice stuff like that) as a friend of hers was looking super radiant and brown the other day and so had asked the same question (note her friend was looking RADIANT & brown) – she said it was due to a product called “GLOW JOB” – we had a little giggle but very quickly got back to the point – it was cheap and cheerful and did the “job”!


And of course, Kim runs to Boots and swipes her card quicker than you can say, Glow Job!



And that, was money well spent. Soap & Glory’s Glow Job is a one tube fits all kind of product. Don’t be fooled, you only need a pea size amount as a little goes a long way when it comes to this build-able colour. Watch a warm, healthy glow unfold!

• MICRO BRONZEBURST™ BEADS – micro-encapsulated bronzing pigments, which release a subtle (but buildable) tint of colour when blended into the skin on application, leaving a natural, sheer glow
• RASPBERRY STEM CELLS – a super moisturising, youth-enhancing, elasticity-boosting extract (berry flux patented) from cultured raspberry stem cells
• ANTIOXIDANT VITAMIN E – skin toning, rejuvenating and moisture-boosting – also important for preventing damage from UV exposure

I’m on day 8 of a post London detox – but this nifty little tube is certainly going to help me cheat my way to healthy, have-you-been-on-a-beach-holiday looking skin!

Find select Soap & Glory Products at Rubybox or visit their website here and ship via Net A Parcel xx

P.S. – Watch out for my friend Yelda’s detox juice recipe. It’s easy and it’s a goodie.

P.S.S. Have you received any good tips lately? Leave me a comment – I’d love to hear it!



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