Best Facial

So the one thing that annoys me about going for a facial, is when it’s just a glorified version of what I could have done at home myself – and I feel like I just wasted R400. Well let me tell you, a facial with Jade, will not disappoint!

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A family friend of ours that was out from the states, told me that when ever she comes to Cape Town, she goes straight to Jade – and she wanted to treat me to a facial. So, in no way was this a freebie (I only blog about things I enjoyed anyway)- I just really felt I’d love to share this experience! It was the most wonderful gift to receive – especially if one is needing a little R&R!

It was a cold, wet, wintery day in Cape Town (Newlands), and arriving at Jade’s was an inviting, warm and cosy little sanctuary. I’m going to let Jade explain a little more about her offering:

Jade: “So the basis of all my treatments is the care and wellbeing of the client. Creating a safe space, within which the client is able to fully unplug and truly relax by connecting with themselves through the therapeutic power of touch. The treatment is a 2hour long Luxe Facial. It’s the most luxurious facial in my offering- as the name implies-and is meant to be more of a holistic experience, as opposed to just a facial. I definitely do perform the facial with the objective of healthy, revitalized skin as the outcome but I also believe that a facial is a sacred ritual. Allowing anyone in such close proximity to you is a somewhat, vulnerable undertaking and so my responsibility as a therapist is to make each client feel that they are safe, nurtured, valued and cared for. It’s one of my fundamental beliefs and one I always try to relay to each client- that they are valued and their comfort is my priority. We had started off with a double cleanse , followed by mild chemical exfoliation, extensive extractions, a nourishing and healing multivitamin mask and that was followed by lots of beautiful massage. The massage is what I think makes the facial unique. It combines face massage, head, neck and shoulder, as well as a foot massage. The client leaves with glowing skin, a clear mind a rested soul.”

While the products feel super luxurious and nourishing, the best part is all the massage. I felt like I was constantly being massaged, whether it’s my feet, neck, head or hands. Jade never leaves you alone, if there’s a gap, she’ll be massaging! She also cleanses your feet while an electric blanket keeps you super cosy, allowing those muscles to relax further. Jade is a breath of fresh air herself, finding out about your needs with much interest and enthusiasm.

I truly felt spoilt and pampered – with glowing skin to add! A real experience.

The price of the Luxe facial is 615 and is 120mins long. Allow for 150 min.


3 thoughts on “Best Facial

  1. I echo every sentiment. Fact is, the magic that you feel when Jade does what is far more than your super special facial, comes through her hands from something deeper inside her heart and mind. For me, every trip to Cape Town invariably includes a Jade touch. Never been disappointed.


  2. She is the ABSOLUTE BEST. No other facial comes close to what she does. She has set a brand new benchmark and simply ruined me for everyone else. Well done Jade!! Love love love you.


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