New Apis Atelier + A Discount

Apis Atelier has a new collection – think island nights and golden sunsets – statement pieces that hold bronzed, summer memories that will take you from day to night.

Working originally as a graphic designer and photographer, her love of adventure took her to many of the world’s most beautiful islands, sparking a desire to create something tangible from these beach memories. Inspired by her travels, ancient mythology, symbolism and a love and respect for the ocean, mementos found were born as the bones for this tactile jewellery line, creating a collection that is primitive, yet modern in style, juxtaposing refined elements with rough organic shapes.
Cast in ancient bronze using the lost-wax process, Apis captures natural beauty using old world techniques creating long-lasting, timeless pieces that are functional, sustainable and can be worn and treasured for years to come. These textural pieces return to an earthier sensibility that is tactile and visceral and engage the body and soul.
“My aesthetic around jewellery is more like sculpture, not fashion. It’s something more classic that you collect, keep and hold on to because it’s an object of beauty, of symbolism, of a story that you can eventually pass down to your daughter or someone special. A modern heirloom.”

Nicola is offering offering 10% off her entire collection (locals only) with the code FULLMOON10OFF for any orders placed directly through (VALID TILL END OCTOBER)

See the full collection here x


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