Chin Chin

I’ve not tried these but don’t they look great!

Initially founded in 1905 by Thomas Fentiman, the Fentimans range of artisanal soft drinks and superior quality mixers harkens back to an era of simple, refined refreshment. Continuing the tradition today, all Fentimans drinks are manufactured using natural ingredients and a unique multi-stage botanical brewing technique that ensures the distinctive flavour for which Fentimans is renowned. A proud celebration of British heritage, Fentimans combines whimsical English sensibilities, flavour notes and tradition with an expanding array of drinks options on the market – ensuring that there is indeed something for everyone. With summer fast approaching, the time for leisurely dining and entertaining is nearly upon us and it’s truly the ideal time to welcome Fentimans to the South African stage!


Flavours: Bitter Lemonade, Curiosity Cola, Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer, 19:05 Herbal Tonic, Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water, Rose Lemonade, Light Tonic Water, Tonic Water

Flavours available in 125ml, 200ml, 275ml and 500ml

Distributed by Rocker Distributors and available at selected Spars, speciality food stores and bars and restaurants countrywide.


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