Our New Samsonite Luggage

After years of travelling with our bright orange Samsonite luggage, it was time for an upgrade. While the bright orange was great, as you could see your luggage from a mile away, I felt the move towards a more grown up and timeless collection of luggage – so we went with a little black number.

(Tip: Store your summer/winter wardrobe in your suitcases to free up some cupboard space.)

As you can see, our new Samsonite Flux spinners have already been put to good use and I am absolutely thrilled with them. You see, when you travel with a compulsive shopper like me, the extra zippers on the sides allow you to expand your bag, fitting more in than a regular suitcase. See those Heavy duty stickers, all thanks to me! 🙂 No problem for the Flux though! 

I just love this clean, minimal look!

This seamless, fuss free bag needs no locks. The zips clip into the bag as your lock and there are no tags or bits hanging off your bag, just a nice clean shell. The hard shell protects your precious holiday treasures too. The best part, it’s super light and easy to manoeuvre when you’re dashing across the airport. 

Above, zips allowing your bag to expand.

I’ll definitely show you more of the inside when we travel next – this has been a fabulous investment that will last us a very long time! Here’s to safe, EASY travels!

For more visit House Of Samsonite.


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