Summer Interiors Inspirations & Trends

Summer is a time for open patio doors, a breeze through your house and a time to lighten & brighten! asked me to think about a few summer styles I’m loving.

An obvious one would be to bring more green into your home. Lighten the load using shades of green cotton and linens and splashes of paint. But the easiest way would be to bring in plants – they instantly say “summer” and uplift one’s mood too.

Only the hottest Instagram trend, what about a touch of blush pink?  Think sun-kissed cheeks and pastel pink ice creams.

Get sophisticated with neutrals – you can take them in so many directions. Summer is the perfect time to edit and aim for a more minimal, breezy look – or bring in a touch of boho with rattan furniture and woven baskets.

Lighten up your hallway. Pack away the heavy winter coats and hang beautiful straw sun hats and, again, summery baskets that say, “Let’s hit the beach/market”.

Bring the outside in. If you’re doing any structural work think about your outdoor and indoor spaces working together. Sliding doors or french doors allow you to extend your living room outdoors – and connect you to your outdoor entertainment space. It’ll make your home feel so much bigger too.

Summer is a time for entertaining and relaxing; sleep better at night with Household Insurance in place – especially after doing a little home-facelift.



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