Akasha Mountain Retreat:Part 1

So I’ve had the privilege of reviewing and staying at some top spots, but this has to be one of my ultimate favourites! You don’t have to be as obsessed with Moroccan design as I am, to enjoy this self catering, Cape-Moroc style accommodation (Sleeps 8 + 2 small children) – the views and surrounds are just breathetaking, the decor and attention to detail superb (I’ll elaborate in Part 2) and it’s the perfect place to get-away-from-it-all and unwind in peace.

photo 1 (8)photo 2 copy 2photo 2 copy 5

Well we got one hell of a fright at around 3am, trying to make out a thundering, loud noise! Wild horses !! They’d  just galloped past our sliding door and were now grazing right outside! It was the most magnificent sighting under the incredible starry sky – to then have one of the white horses almost leaning against our sliding door! They were still hanging around at a more coffee -friendly hour later that morning. Beautiful.

photo 5 (4)photo 2 (3)Chris and Elana will offer to take you on the river. They are getting a canoe too! Also, ask Chris to tell you about the Mermaid! I told you this place is magical 🙂 photo 2 copy 3

Coffee the first morning outside our bedroom – and below the view from our bedroom. I just loved that at night, you can actually see the silhouette of the mountain and see the stars through the curtain. Oh and the beds and linen are pretty lux!

photo 3 copy 3photo 5 copy 5photo 4 copy 4photo 1 copyphoto 1 copy 3Ah now if you want to really feel like you’re in Morocco, this courtyard will transport you there! It’s as though you are overlooking the Atlas Mountains. The other bonus, is that Cape Town was experiencing a cold front or two while we were there over the weekend, and we sat in hot sunshine. We had some strong wind and a little rain in the night, but this gem of an area in the Langeberg mountains (between Heidelberg & Barrydale) often misses the cold fronts. photo 5 copyphoto 5 copy 4photo 3 copy 6The accommodation is self catering – But Chris & Elana were so kind to offer to get us anything we may have needed/forgotten when they went into town.

photo 4 (5)photo 3 (8)photo 5 (6)photo (1)

And after a late afternoon walk – well a glass of wine at sunset of course! Watch our for Part 2 as I show you the interior and detail shots.

You can follow Akasha Mountain Retreat on Twitter @AkashaElana and Facebook  for updates and info. Also see more on Pinterest, and follow Elena’s decor loves! For enquiries, mail elana@earth-zen.com. Here’s hoping I get to go back here one day! x


5 thoughts on “Akasha Mountain Retreat:Part 1

  1. Wow! This looks AMAZING! I’ve been looking for the perfect spot for a bit of a getaway, and this is perfect! Thanks for sharing, Kim – going to check it out.


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