Akasha Mountain Retreat: Part 2

So firstly, if you missed Part 1, here it is! Akasha Mountain Retreat is a Moroccan love affair – Cape Moroc style!

photo 5 copy 3

It’s amazing how this little fire place really heats up the large, spacious living area! With a lovely cupboard full of wood!

photo 1 copy 5photo 5

I took along some mint tea – but we picked some fresh mint from the garden and enjoyed our tea, Moroccan Style!

photo 4

I loved the sky lights everywhere. The reeds keep the light soft during the day and at night you can see ample stars.

photo 4 copyThere is a weber should you want to have a braai – and a gas stove and oven for cooking. photo 2 (4)

Wherever you are in the house, there are spectacular views to be enjoyed!

photo 1 (7)The house was originally the dam watchers house, and they’ve left some of the original wall exposed which adds to the charm. All the doors and a lot of the windows, decor etc are from Morocco. photo 1 (2)photo 4 (4) copyphoto 3 (9)photo 3 copy 2

A great example of how Moroccan decor can so easily be mixed with contemporary design. Sjoe I was in my element!

photo 3photo 1photo 1 copy 4photo 2 copy 4

There is one en suite bathroom (Below) with a shower and bath looking over the valley, and this main bathroom (Above) with shower.

photo 4 (10)photo 1 (9)photo 2 (6)

photo 4 (5)

Love the large, ornate mirrors in the bedrooms.

photo 4 (9)photo 5 (8)photo 5 copy 6photo 4 copy 3photo 5 (7)photo 4 (8)

Found this book in the house. It pretty much sums up our weekend! Thank You again Chris and Elana for your warmth! We’ll definitely be back!

The main house sleeps 6 with an outside unit containing a bedroom,  small kitchenette and bathroom! Here you can open a side door in the shower, overlooking the vista. There is just so much thoughtful attention to detail. For more info, follow Akasha Mountain Retreat on Twitter @AkashaElana and on  Facebook . Also see more on Pinterest, and follow Elana’s decor loves! For enquiries, mail elana@earth-zen.com. MAGIC! 



4 thoughts on “Akasha Mountain Retreat: Part 2

    1. Perhaps with kids you want summer to run around outside / trampoline / walks / go on river (age dependent) but winter is pretty cosy – mostly been in winter and the fire place is gorgeous.. there’s a great outdoor area with table and day bed to lunch/braai – so leaning towards summer with kids!


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