How Signature Pieces Can Change The Look & Feel Of Your Home

The one thing I’ve enjoyed about moving house is mixing new finds with my signature favourites from South Africa and various travels. You can change the look & feel of your home through a few key pieces without having to move homes though.

For the dining room – I’d either select a mix of eclectic miss-match chairs to create a quirky twist, or invest in great lighting pendants. Lighting does set the tone to a great evening and creates a central focus. I love the chair & lighting options over at

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I know it’s not exactly an item, but for me, tiles make the kitchen. Whether it’s industrial cool or exotic prints and colours – tiles set the tone and feel for your kitchen or home . I’d invest in handmade tiles from The Moroccan Warehouse in Cape Town (Corner of Buitenkant & Commercial Street).

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A crummy bed can be hidden under lovely-linen and one can get creative with bedside tables – from chairs, to a pile of magazines. My signature bedroom must-have would be a beautiful rug to cosy up the room and make it feel lush. Again, I love Moroccan Warehouse for vibrant finds, and Gonsenhausers or Airloom are great for both exotic and contemporary rugs.

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Beautiful paintings, meaningful prints and memories make a living space for me. Whether it’s monochrome minimalism or bold, oil paintings and photographs, a feature wall can transform a bare room. And speaking of meaningful items, make sure your signature items are insured and treasured. Check out Dialdirect for just that. Happy home-making xx


*Written in collaboration with Dial Direct / images via Here.


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