Mask It

Oooh how I love a good mask! Especially now that I have a toddler! (He thinks mommy’s white face is rather funny too! 🙂  )

Here are three very different masks I’m enjoying for different concerns & situations! meso-mask

Filorga – Meso Mask: 

This nourishing treatment is used to brighten and nourish the skin for a luminous and radiant complexion, to treat wrinkles and erase all signs of tiredness.

The polysaccharide of Rhamnose contained within Filorga’s Meso-Mask soothes skin irritations, evens and lightens the complexion instantaneously with a lasting effect. This ingredient also helps reduce inflammation. MESO-MASK provides an immediate effect on skin radiance. Hyaluronic acid plumps & hydrates the skin. Existing lines soften and dehydrated skin is nourished optimally.  Leave the mask on the skin for 15 to 30 minutes to optimise the penetration of the active ingredients. For maximum effectiveness: use once a week for 1 month, then every two weeks for 2 months thereafter.

I love that it guarantees illumination of the complexion, is anti-inflammatory and has a brightening actionPRICE:  R680.00 for 50ml / Available at selected Edgars and Red Square Stores. For more information visit

Juliette Armand – Elements Vitality Mask

This is great if you’re on the run and don’t have time to wait for a mask – you can leave it on! The texture is this enough to apply under your day or night cream and smells gorgeous!

An innovative cream mask of a fine texture. It revitalizes, tones and moisturizes tired skin and firms the skin. It contains extracts from the seaweed Spirulina with firming effects, as well as vitamins E, C and F. It provides the skin with amino acids and essential fatty acids for the preservation of its natural moisture balance. Its fine texture helps the skin to deeply absorb and retain the ingredients contained in the product.



Juliette Armand – Exfo Line Mask

I love that this mask has exfoliating granules in it while also containing a mechanical peeling process! It also has a fairly this texture and dries on the skin like mud or clay would.

A specific remodelling and anti-oxidant mask. It contains the regenerative DERMAL DECONGESTANT FACTOR which boosts the skin’s natural defences system and repairs DNA damage of skin cells. The seaweed CHONDRUS CHRISPUS provides mechanical peeling which stimulates the natural skin regeneration process, helping the skin regain its natural balance, smoothness and texture.


Visit Poise Brands for more details.


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