My Superbalist Travel Essentials

I’m flying back to S.A. today – here’s my  top 10 “Travel Essentials” wish list.


1.) Travel in comfort! Love this American Apparel Hoodie in maroon.

2.) On the plane is a great time to think, plan and get organised for your trip or meeting – that’s why I love a good Moleskin diary or notebook. 

3.) Love this punchy, pink duffel bag with handy backpack straps & water resistant fabric! Plus I love the handy compartments to separate shoes & gadgets or clean & dirty items.

4.) I think this holiday I’m going to bring out the camera again and put the phone away! Love this Polaroid camera for above or below the water!

5.) Come rain or shine, hide the jet-lag behind some hot sunnies!

6.) Don’t get caught without a vibe – good music can pull you through the airport wait or liven up a hotel room! Check out smartphone speakers here. 

7.) Way too many times I’ve relied on the hotel having a hair dryer when there’s been none! Don’t get caught having a bad hair day – say hello to the I Energy saving, the increase in the power output means that drying time is decreased, reducing electricity usage.

8.) Nothing like a dead battery when you’re trying to keep loved ones in the loop! Power, convenience and style all blend seamlessly in this essential electronic aid. The Breathe Portable Charger is a must for your travel bag!

9.) Don’t leave home without a great set of headphones! Come aeroplane or sun lounger, they’re a winner!

10.) My gadgets are usually packed away on the plane and so I rely on a good watch. LOVE this slick Portland Watch by Shore Projects.

Safe & Happy travels this holiday xx


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