I have a dream

I’m not sure where or how, but my dream is to have a beach house! I’m not sure if I’d live in it, or if it would be a holiday home either, but it would look a little something like this . . .

248caa6413cf8c81dbad7905e2f59d26 0d2c9092ed10e68786ef7720e6e2e7e64ce9f4e81d19e55cd8842a5a35570d84 5a89144ecd57635601fa52dce81c6b334fb4926ea2a6f866f13584c27fabffdb 4e2ca18c4794386d77253a74a8486a606b0ff1677dc086adbaa5c05f25ef0689 61a426699f7e483a93af07a777da2bf99e596837bb651546f38df6e7d411b1d2 35d12d6278520d19bec62e2f83d3def446a86d554924df8745ae538fe10e9912 61a7586b80061959b56b35cdcab179f879ae339a457eb6b131aeb0cfd55a1761 85ecf969100116228117f55597e3e08c124d9d06d8235fb66e4555c9a9007a2a f5bcafb3ff29553e25cc3dffb8985321e6d822bf1004b1d554051b867e602fea de844c1ad63f37ff8647cb198c3e177ac340bdbc3f4318751a8fbe2cf96aaca9 80212ed08980473603798dd874999ffb4699bcca859ebef431505b8f88184169  984cf75206308a3b257118daae87a413453d369e95d33ec30f7497e8858e6d37 e098ddda378fcf95c14cedbe1dad5d31 outdoor-shower-rockefeller-partners-600x857 3ffb406cd48cc38fac5a71d1ad3ac0f0


4 thoughts on “I have a dream

  1. What a cool dream house to have in mind. It looks totally serene and peaceful. Looking at these images & past post, I have to wonder whether living in Morocco is one of your dreams as well. You seem to be drawn by Moroccan styled living. Next stop Morocco?


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