My New Desray Boyfriend Jeans

Totally thrilled with this purchase. I’ve been looking into a pair of boyfriend jeans for ages and I found an incredibly awesome pair at Desray. I recently took them on holiday to Portugal with me and they were the perfect, relaxed fit I was after.


I’m not a huge fan of the whole ripped jeans vibe (maybe I’m showing my age?) These boyfriend jeans are however slightly distressed, still giving them that bit of a casual edge, yet I could still get away with making them a little more dressy. (So perfect with the Desray 3/4 sleeve blazer, speaking of a little more dressy)


After absorbing & observing the Portuguese/European surf culture for 10 days, I can officially say, I’m totally stoked with my new jeans! 🙂


2 thoughts on “My New Desray Boyfriend Jeans

  1. Have never quite got my head around ‘boyfriend jeans’ (now I’m showing my age too heh heh heh???) – not because of the ripped or worn look, but because of the fit which never seems flattering. These however, look great!! Maybe, as a denim lover, it’s time I reconsider…. Thanks!


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