How To Create A Nordic Home

When I’m not obsessing over Morocco, I’m all for Nordic styling around the home! (Which also embraces a little Moroccan appreciation at that!)


Choose 2 or 3 different surface finishes i.e. wood, marble and grey concrete and stick to those tones when it comes to accessories etc. You’ll never go wrong with loads of white – and white metro tiles will instantly bring your kitchen or bathroom right on trend. Check out WOMAG for metro tiles, counter tops and more.


Mix and match chairs – and if you want to get right in there, get a lovely accent chair in tan leather! (Check out


Embrace exposed shelving.


Create an accent wall or floor area with patterned tiles. Check out Moroccan Warehouse for beautiful, handmade ones.


Bring the outdoors in! Check out this inspiring article on Decor8 all about this vibrant trend, really bringing life into a home.


Baskets as plant holders, general storage, toy baskets or simply on display sure do fulfill my styling itch! (Check out Design Africa & The Basket Room for some of my favourites.)

Glass walls are a great way to keep a sense of space while dividing a room.


Create a beautiful entrance scene or hallway. Think beautiful bench, vases, prints or artwork, circular mirrors, wall hooks and pot plants – probably not recommended if there are small people in the house!


Invest in a fabulous Kelim. Try The Moroccan Warehouse or Gonsenhausers.


Here’s a bonus 77 examples of beautiful, Scandinavian interiors. 


(All images via here)

And lastly, keep it simple! xx


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