I’m Dreaming Of A (Black &) White Christmas

Dear Santa, I’ll leave an ice cold beer!


Casablanca Sliders, Prestwich Collection; black cut diamond ring, Dear Rae; woven wall hanging & throw, both The Greyroom; White beaded necklace, Pichulik; baskets, Design Afrika; Casablanca waterproof bag, Prestwich Collection; ceramic plates, Klomp Ceramics; “Lekker By Die See” t-shirt, Mevrou & Co.


Beaded top, Mille & Collines; eyes pouch, Zana Products; Adidas Stan Smith Colour By Numbers, Zando; Warm Spice Candle, Amanda Jayne Candles, Birch Plywood Peg Board, Mono Online Store; Block Print Scarf, Skinny laMinx; dam good white wine, Hermanuspietersfontein Kaalvoet Meisie. XX

*Lifestyle images via here! Visit my Christmas Board for more Christmas decor inspiration.



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