Christmas Wrapping & Gift Ideas With Mono Online Store

Happy 1 December! The festive season has officially kicked off and the fabulous people at Mono Online Store are sharing their stylish gift wrapping ideas with us!


Get The Look:

Petro used kraft paper, black kraft paper, blank newsprint paper, as well as their own Swiss Cross gift wrapping, black twine and even a couple of Polaroid-style photos. In the photo below, instead of using tape, Petro actually used a sewing machine (an effective technique they even use sometimes for their own store packaging). Easy!

mono-gift-wrapping-diy-6mono-gift-ideas-1mono-gift-wrapping-diy-5mono-gift-ideas-4mono-gift-wrapping-diy-4 mono-gift-wrapping-diy-3mono-gift-ideas-7mono-gift-wrapping-diy-2mono-gift-wrapping-diy-1mono-gift-ideas-5mono-gift-ideas-9

The Mono Online Store is a must-visit for your Christmas shopping. From scandi-inspired decor to organizing your home office, styling your kids rooms or taking a thoughtful gift to a friend’s dinner party, there’s something for everyone this Christmas.



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