Easy Like A Sunday Morning Masks

3 life saving masks you may want to invest in for the festive season!


1.) skin689® Bio Cellulose Hyaluron Mask – I absolutely love this slimline mask in a pack, as it’s super easy to slide into a travel toiletry bag, eliminating that extra bulk. It also forces one to kick back for 20 minutes, something we often don’t treat ourselves to in the busy build up to Christmas & New Years. So, kick back, apply the gauze mask on your face, pat it down and relax! I tried it out before bedtime which allowed the product to work its magic overnight, after massaging in the excess serum. My skin definitely felt softer and smoothed the next morning thanks to its intensive hydration & deep moisturizing properties. Hyaluronic acid offers instant hydration and relaxation, while an amino acid complex moisturizes the skin and nourishes skin cells. Now’s the time to stock up on a few packs while they’re on sale!

2.) My eyes are a dead give away after too many late and or festive nights! With masks in general, we’re often told to avoid the eye and lip area! Never fear! These nifty little Sephora lip & eye masks has you covered, giving your eyes and pout a little boost when you need it most, allowing the skin to relax and destress.

3.) YAY, a mask for the hands! Hand cream favourite, Crabtree & Evelyn, now boast an overnight hand therapy mask to deeply nourish and soften your hands. After one application I can already see an improvement in the hydration of my hands. Its rich formula includes a complex of vitamins and amino acids, including arginine. An overnight recovery complex for dry skin, it enhances the skin’s natural barrier, maintaining its natural moisture levels to replenish hands while you sleep. Restorative and deeply moisturising – consider it beauty sleep for your hands.



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