All New Kim Gray (Again?)

So it’s been a frustrating past few weeks/months as my blog has been giving me a bit of uphill and a few gremlins. My blog has now been going for over 9 years, and in a nut shell, has just become very content and image heavy and it’s been crashing etc . . . just as I did a new redesign!

So I’ve had to do a major re-haul, hence another new look! (Hope you like!)

Anyway, the process allowed for a lot of reflection, looking back at old posts and photo’s (ooh a few cringy moments) and was a really good exercise in realising all the incredible experiences, travels and how far I’ve come. I often get e-mails asking for my content department or advertising department etc . . It’s just me I reply. Post Harry, I don’t have as much time as I used to . . there have been days when I’ve wanted to just pack it all up (when the gremlins come out!) – but . . . It’s the first thing I think about every morning, it’s what gets me out of bed! I love my blog (first child) and finding new things and I thank you for putting up with the gremlins, maintenance mode etc

THANK YOU for reading xx



11 thoughts on “All New Kim Gray (Again?)

  1. Hi Kim,

    I’m so glad the blog is back up…I thought perhaps you had closed it down. Love the new look. Great Job. All the best x


  2. Hi Kim. I read your blog every time it comes through to my email feed. I really love it. It inspires me all the time. Being a Hermanus chick myself I love your style and I absolutely love looking at your photos. Keep going strong!!!


  3. Love the new look! Love how visual the homepage is – that’s something I’ve always loved about your blog! Yours was one of the first blogs I ever read, and it played a massive role in my decision to start my own blog. Thank you for the constant inspiration!


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