Series: Tips From Friends

Not exactly  a close friend, but anyone helping you look after your body, I consider a friend 🙂  My pilates teacher introduced me to the foam roller and I’ve been loving it!

Foam rolling helps your muscles recover faster post workout, it’s great pre-workout to warm up your muscles, great for releasing muscle tension, helps the body to detox, helps fight cellulite as it helps with circulation, helps destress and it’s something you can do in the comfort of your own home. (Do a session while you’re watching tv) It can be very painful, indicating your body clearly needs it. But daily foam rolling should help ease up those muscles and you should eventually feel no pain. One is also recommended to hold still on those more painful points to really work on and release those more tense spots.

I usually focus on my lower back as that’s where I tend to get a painful niggle!

There are also some great strengthening exercises you can do using the foam roller. I’ve pinned a whole bunch of foam roller routines over here for you to try out! If you’re training for your first marathon or simply looking to improve on your exercise routine, you may want to look into a foam roller, an inexpensive way to keep your body in check!


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