Current Loves For Dry Skin

For some reason, when we were in France, my skin became incredibly dry – all of ours did in fact. Maybe the water? ANYWAY . . . I was super stoked to have these local lovelies with me to keep my skin soft & hydrated!

The Optiphi Hydra Tint offers a little 2-1 love! Giving my now pasty Irish-skin a touch of colour & coverage, it offers SPF 20 sun protection, perfect for holiday time and it’s a lovely thin texture, perfect to apply over your moisturiser if you’re wanting to do some product layering!

I’m so excited to have found this super-nourishing brand, ecologic! The Skin Perfect Moisturiser packed with anti-aging COQ10 is thick and silky. It instantly plumps and relieves dry skin, leaving a lovely glow. Read about all the incredible ingredients and benefits here!

For an extra boost, the ecologic Extra Skin Food is a fabulous little roll on oil, perfect for the airplane size wize and for that drying air! Avocado, wheat germ, macadamia, rosehip, sesame and calendula oil hydrate thirsty skin and provide powerful anti-oxidants. With its roller ball application, you can also target specific areas you may feel need a little extra TLC.

If you missed my review on Deity Skin Care, check it out here! Their Toning Mist has fast become a favourite for its calming and hydrating properties! Fabulous for your beach bag, applying over make up for a little added glow or just to take in the calming balance of aloe, rose & frankincense.




2 thoughts on “Current Loves For Dry Skin

  1. Thanks for this great review.. my skin is soooo dry at the moment and winter hasn’t even started properly yet, eek.


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