Give the Gift Of Sleep This Mother’s Day + A Win with Faithful To Nature

Our most valuable asset in today’s age (let alone being a parent) is time & sleep! Give the gift of rest this Mother’s Day with Faithful To Nature!

I for one, struggle to sleep! My mind just won’t switch off as I annoyingly grab my earplugs to block out the plethora of snoring coming from the men in my house. But, I have found an immense difference in the ability to fall asleep by adding in a transitional bedtime routine, before jumping into bed.

Here are a few of my favorite sleep tips:

  • Take a magnesium supplement. Magnesium helps to relax muscles and calms nerves & anxiety.
  • Avoid screen time in the evenings. The blue light, of which we need in the morning, should however be eliminated in the evenings as it keeps our brains alert. If you need to work in the evenings, install f.lux to your computer which eliminates the blue light from your screen. (Here’s a great podcast on caffeine and screen time curfews, plus more on achieving restful sleep.)
  • Unwind with a mindful beauty routine.

I love the Victorian Garden rosemary & lavender cleansing milk for its relaxing lavender scent and gentle yet effective cleansing power. To add powerful benefits to a simple beauty routine, bring your attention to what you are doing instead of getting caught up in your day, indulge in a facial massage and add in a drop of lavender essential oil to intensify those anti-anxiety and relaxing properties.

You could also simply spend a few minutes massaging your temples, with the Pure Indigenous African Night Blend Oil or the Soil Relax Remedy Roller. 

(Lifestyle pics via here)

After cleansing and moisturising, use a relaxing body balm like the Lulu & Marula Calming Body Balm and give your body an evening massage using firm strokes upwards from your ankles up. Lastly, cup your hands over your face and take a few slow, deep breathes in and out, inhaling the relaxing properties. Simply slowing ones breathe down, will also calm any anxiety and busy thoughts from the day.

Rub a little lavender oil under your feet too!

  • Take a bath or shower and wash away the day – Faithful To Nature has a fantastic selection of aromatherapy and body products that are great on the mind and gentle on the skin.
  • Change into a lovely soft pair of Pjs. When you change into pyjamas (verses just being lazy and jumping into bed in your tracky pants that you just did your chores in), it alerts your brain that it is now time to sleep. I love sleeping in Boody Bamboo Eco wear. Ok not quite Pj’s, but I use their leggings and vests as Pj’s just because they’re so incredibly soft and comfy.

  • Meditate  / read a book / colour in 
  • Practice a bedtime yoga routine. Check out Faithful To Nature for your yoga essentials and check out Pinterest for a routine to suit you!
  • Charge your phone in another room. Eliminate that anxiety-causing temptation!
  • Keep a notebook next to your bed incase any thoughts come up you want to remember for the next day
  • Set the scene – a messy, cluttered room only adds to one’s mental frenzy.

(Image via here)

  • Give thanks! Think of 3 /6 / 10 / as many as you like – things that you’re grateful for, that happened that day/week/month. It’s been proven that practicing the art of gratitude elevates ones happiness and when we focus on an abundance mindset, it can only manifest and grow happiness in your life. And why not go to bed, happy!


Win a R1000 Faithful To Nature Voucher for you or your mom. Spoil!

Simply share this competition via one of my social share buttons and tell me in the comments section where you’ve shared it!


Browse Faithful To Nature and tell me which product/s you’d like to try out if you won!

Winner announced Wed 10 May / open to South Africa only / Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash / winner has 30 days to claim prize / winner will be announced back here.



95 thoughts on “Give the Gift Of Sleep This Mother’s Day + A Win with Faithful To Nature

  1. First of all amazing giveaway Faithful to Nature is such an awesome site, But I would love to try out – Organic Health Solutions Hair Growth Oil – with age not sure what has happened but my hair growth has slowed down a bit.

    Sharing on Twitter @Nooreen9


  2. Shared on facebook, and I’d love to try out more of the Victorian Gardens products that I already love! ❤


  3. Shared on facebook 🙂

    I would get some mineral life magnesium, good health muscle and cramp relief and some Dr Stuart’s detox tea, all in aid of helping my toddler, who suffers from restless legs, get some much needed sleep (and if she gets some rest so can I 🙂 ♡♡♡


  4. I love Faithful To Nature and would love to try out the Boody Bamboo Ecowear. Sounds like something I could really relax in after a long, hard day…


  5. Thank you for your post. I have shared it on Facebook. Hopefully other mom’s can be inspired and find some calm at night.
    My baby is asleep, closing my laptop, going to wash away the day and get into some comfy PJ’s, and meditate myself to (hopefully) a full night’s sleep. Thank you


  6. If I win I would love to try the CLOTH PADS.. Recently read some very good reviews and would love to start cloth… It doesn’t seem difficult… Hoping to be the lucky winner


  7. Shared on Facebook! Sleeping past 6:00am would be the best present my little kids could give me for Mother’s Day.


  8. Fantastic Giveaway! I would Love to try out the Dr. Hauschka premium skincare range! Sharing on Facebook!


  9. Oh wow, I love the Faithful-to-Nature site and have been eyeing out so many things on it – some stream straws are high up the list, as are some of their vegan treats. But that Boody Bamboo range is just fab and I’m definitely hankering after some items for PJs now too!
    shared on facebook too 😉


  10. I’ve shared on Twitter & Facebook. Mothers Day 2017 is a double celebration for us, as it’s my birthday 😊 We’d love to share the voucher some awesome FTN products 💜💜


  11. Shared 0n Facebook and Twitter. 2017 is an extra special Mothers Day as it’s my birthday on that day too. I 💜 Being a May Baby for the years that Mothers Day & my birthday are on the same Sunday 😊


  12. Shared on Twitter! 🙂
    Would love to try out the Skin Creamery Everyday All Over Cream for winter. My skin always feels so dried out during winter months and I think this lotion might be the end to my problems!


  13. I would love to get a whole bunch of the gorgeous cooking books you have available. As well as some of that fab looking organic chocolate


  14. Shared on Facebook and following on instagram:) I love this online store. I would love to win the anti ageing CocoGolf serum for my mom, her skin has taken a knock brining up 7 children 🙂


  15. Shared on Twitter and Facebook

    I have extremely dry skin so id like to try out the coconut oil body butter and hair growth oil


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