Taste Never Goes Out Of Style

Now here’s a campaign that really resonates with me, as I’m all about the classics! Today, Weylandts launches its new advertising campaign for 2017 – Taste Never Goes Out Of Style.

Building on TASTEMAKERS which has run since 2015, this year’s campaign further cements ‘taste’ as being synonymous with the Weylandts brand. The campaign shows how iconic tasteful things are still stylish today, and will always be stylish, landing the line “Taste never goes out of style”. Although implying their own product, the campaign more explicitly pays homage to the iconic tuxedo, little black number, and Jaguar E-Type in the print iteration, and the Triumph Bonneville, bowtie and the look of a sartorial gentleman in the TV version.

 “As a brand we have a strong opinion about what we believe in – good taste is timeless. This idea is bigger than the ad campaign, it’s who we are at Weylandts. When the truth about a brand is aligned with a human truth, the idea becomes personal and original. With this direction we don’t have to sell the brand to customers, we are entertaining them with a thought-provoking message, “ says Renier Zandberg, Creative Director.

Check out the beautifully styled campaign below, along with a few of my favourite, classic little black numbers.

Like a good tune, quality and style last forever. For more on their latest products, visit Weylandts .co.za . I’m personally loving their new classic yet contemporary Scandi inspired collection; and for more on their signature icons, see here and enjoy a look that lasts forever!



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