My New Desray Pieces: Part 1

My wardrobe just loves a little Desray – and there are plenty of her pieces that really just have become my staples! Adding to the Desray X Kim Gray Capsule Collection – a vintage leather jacket! I’ve been looking out for a leather jacket for ages – and Desray just happened to have the perfect one! (See more winter jackets here)

(Backpack, Chapel Goods)

The cut is so easy to wear and pretty much goes with anything from casual mama-wear to fancy-pants outings!

Here I’ve teamed it up with my Desray Chinos, Boody Organics Vest, House Of Cinnamon mules and my go-to Ray Ban sunnies!

And you just can’t get more classic than a black or striped poloneck! I’ve teamed my stripey one with a pair of Gap dungarees, Alabaste Cashmere Scarf/wrap and Converse.

I love how these pieces can be worn in a simple and fresh, timeless way – but lend themselves to being a little more edgy and street-cool too! They’re those less-is-more type pieces that build a strong look! x



5 thoughts on “My New Desray Pieces: Part 1

    1. Thanks kim for your lovely inspirational posts, that’s always greatly admired! I’m trying to catch up with all your post today. I know I have asked you before but, where did you got that lovely simple and eco friendly small hanging basket that hangs off your mirror ?? I think I will have to get one maid. I love it 😍


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