Black Betty Design – The COAL Collection


Black Betty collaborates with talented artist – Gabi-Lee – whose reputation as a rocking, upcoming artist is growing quickly. Together, with photographer Lar Glutz, they created the lookbook imagery for Black Betty’s premium diamond collection, the Coal Collection.

COAL becomes diamond. A spellbinding transformation that takes millions of years to occur, emerging from pure darkness deep within the earth to transfix us with the magical beauty of light.  After millennia of gravitational crush, human hands refine an opaque stone into a dazzling work of art; a creative collaboration between man and the universe. COAL celebrates the fascinating and sadly declining art of diamond cutting, offering customers our most refined investment pieces. Every diamond in the collection is wholly unique as result of the handcrafting process. Our cutting and shaping process resists mathematical perfection as the end goal, embracing inherent imperfections and a range of distinct shapes. We believe that that every stone has its own character, and these subliminal distinctions gravitate an individual towards a diamond that is perfect for them. For momentous life occasions, or simply for the pleasure of adorning a sliver of a million-year becoming, items in the COAL collection signify metamorphosis towards magnificence.

Artist & model: Gabi Lee Smit / @gabileesmit
Photographer:Lar Glutz / @l_a_r_l_a_r
H&M: Cheryl Parker / @makeupche
For more info on the collection, see below:



2 thoughts on “Black Betty Design – The COAL Collection

  1. Absolutely stunning pieces, and a really fresh way to showcase…. Wish I had the budget for these spoils, just gorgeous.


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