A Visit To Wellness Warehouse

I love health stores – and while I do a lot of online shopping, I find there’s great value in visiting an actual store where you can touch, smell and discover new products. I was very impressed to find out that Wellness Warehouse also have trained practitioners in their stores to help you with selecting vitamins etc. Plus, pop into their cafe for a nutrient boosting smoothie or snack to fuel your shopping spree!

I loved these Mandela Tea tins – don’t they make a gorgeous gift, especially for friends abroad! Wellness Warehouse have an amazing tea selection in general. I drink the Pukka Cleanse daily back home and the Pukka Love Tea is so soothing – lovely before bedtime thanks to organic rose, chamomile and lavender! I actually saw someone on instagram gifting their child’s school teachers with pretty packages of Pukka Tea. I thought it was a lovely gift idea!

I always look out for this biltong when visiting a Wellness Warehouse. Have you ever read the ingredients list on biltong from most food stores? Well take a look next time! I love that this protein snack only contains beef, spices, vinegar and salt – no sugar or other rubbish.

Do you know that upping your greens can seriously help with combating inflammation!? Check out their wide range of powders and vitamins – like this Super Food Blend of green, power plants.

Eeauwww! Toilet sprays are always so nasty! But this Wellness brand caught my eye, as it looks so fresh and simple and of course, contains no nasties!

I’ve been hearing a lot about Pure MCT Oil – apparently it sets your brain on fire! (Hello clarity & concentration!) Read all about it here and listen to some insightful podcasts here! I definitely want to look into it myself!

Essential oils have become a big part of Harry’s bed time routine – and mine! I rub lavender oil under his feet at night and I enjoy a few different relaxing blends myself. Essential oils are fantastic for all sorts of things like mood boosting (lemon) to concentration (peppermint) etc! They can also be really lovely rather than perfum.

Can’t get enough of this brand. I’m currently using the Papaya & Pineapple Sherbet Exfoliating Mask and it’s amazing – smells just like sherbet! Combine a little water to the sherbet-like powder to create a white, almost clay-like mask! Your skin feels really soft and resurfaced after and the Ruby Marine Hydrating Night Mask is super luxe too! My skin just sucks its intense moisture! It’s a fabulous range!

A favourite brand I always stock up on when in S.A. is Oh-Lief. Their Heel Balm is my absolute best – but I love their sunscreen for Harry as it’s thickish and super effective! Plus, the box says it all. As for Harry and his appetite – I’m always armed with healthy snacks! The one thing that makes me really angry, are snacks full of rubbish, sold as “health snacks” – full of syrups, soya etc . . . here are a few that really are low in ingredients and have no nasty binders etc

My family LOVE these Rude Health bars!

Honest chocolate always makes for a pretty gift!

Loads of cooking inspiration – I have this Sarah Wilson book and I love it!! She helps you ease of sugar gently and easily!

A few of my faves I stocked up on! I love that Wellness Warehouse is a lifestyle experience – from your beauty routine to family’s health to a good feed at their cafe – it really is a way of living!


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