Falke – Luxury Socks

Socks! You put them on, you go for a run, you put them in the wash, and you never really think about them again. Well, after a visit to the Falke Factory in Cape Town, I think twice about the humble sock! The process from thread to store delivery is fascinating and an art to say the least!

Below, Cottons that’s been dyed on the premise.

Socks are spun on these large machines but come out as a tube. The socks are closed by hand – watching these ladies looping hundreds of tiny threads was fascinating. It looked almost impossible – a real skill with heaps of concentration.

Socks are fitted, go through quality control and packed for shipping. It was also really cool to see how many jobs this one factory creates and how much personal attention each sock gets!

The one thing about Falke, is that they pride themselves on quality! Having tried a few pairs out myself, from sports socks to fashion and leisure, I’d have to agree they are the purveyors of superior quality!

Below, behind the scenes planning seasons, collections and distribution.

Loved these Mercerised Cotton Socks – these lightweight socks are your evening out sock or business meeting go-to! They are refined, perfectly thin for a loafer and oozing with Italian quality & style. 

They’re also great as a summer sock for their lightweight, breathable cotton.

The Silver Cushion Sock is a fantastic leisure sock – it’s super cushiony, thick, supportive and comfy! The styling of these socks and some of the others I tried remind of that gorgeous Australian brand I love so much 🙂

Love this pop of Tangerine – I wore these plush Pollen Socks walking, but they’re equality as perfect for casual wear.

The Falke Invisibles are excellent! Hate walking around with a crumpled ball under the arch of your foot? Fear no more with the Invisibles anti-slip silicone in the heel. This cotton sock is a summer must have! 

The Bedrock is a cosier sock with a touch of sparkle! I love that you can wear it 3 ways! Wear it with a turn cuff or as a slouch anklet or just wear it straight up the leg to show off all the beautiful sparkle in the welt. I love it in classic grey of course.

Socks are all the range now – but if you’re looking for something with a little heritage and sophistication – check out the Falke Website & Online Shop – they’re up to some really cool things in mens wear too!


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