Layering With Mungo

One of the best investment I’ve made is good linen – after all, we spend a lot of time in our beds! (more so if you don’t have kids 🙂  ) It’s like a new haircut or coat – it makes you feel good. Well nice pj’s and linen creates that relaxing, sleep induced sanctuary – and Mungo is my go-to for luxing la la land! Yes it’s pricey, but it’ll last a lifetime and I’ve been collecting slowly over time.

I love how their linen, bed throws and blankets lend themselves to layering – in beautiful contrasting textures.

Love the simplicity of the Lattice Weave Throw. 

Their superior, quality bed linen comes in natural, white, moon grey and metal grey.

Throw in some texture with a range of blankets in different textures, colours and styles. My favourite is the Juno blanket. 

Fore more on their ranges, visit xx


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