Zoya has arrived

Yesterday I met up with international nail brand Zoya. Zoya is one of the first polishes to eliminate toxic chemicals like formaldeyde, toxic carcinogens, toluene and Dibutyl phthalate. It’s therefore safe for use during pregnancy too. Zoya is a firm favourite at international fashion weeks by the likes of Rachel Zoe (Huge fan), Mark Jacobs and loads more.

When Zoya said what sort of colours can we bring you, I stuck to classic red, nudes and my favourite, coral. But when I saw their HUGE selection of colours, I set “natural” aside and dived into colours like this latest Gems & Jewels collection.

The pigment is incredible and the colours super fun!

I’m very excited to bring you loads more news, colours, products, discounts and fabulousness from Zoya! So do pop back! To order Zoya nail polish for spa’s or personal use, mail .

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