What does success mean to you?

I just love this article! As a blogger, it totally resonated with me! A path that I too am very much on! I too have the struggle with bringing you the latest and greatest (and wanting it all myself) and moving towards a “Less is more” lifestyle . . .


A while back I made some boundaries in my life – Like for example, you won’t catch me at all the latest media launches, events and grand openings. Looking back now a few years, I had just won some blog awards, was featured in all the latest mags and so started getting invited to some amazing events. But why wasn’t I having the time of my life?

a.) Spending all this time at launches (being a fashion, decor etc blogger you are invite to so many different launches, I could be doing launches all day long) meant catching up on work at night. i.e my husband and I ate dinner together and then parted our ways to our laptops.

b.) I was seen as a fashion blogger, what was I going to wear? Lipstick, no lipstick – being somewhat insecure and perhaps totally naive to the whole media showbiz at the time – I found launches just plain stressful.

So – Now I sit where I’m happy. Behind the scenes. I shut my computer when my nanny leaves – and I spend the rest of the day with my family. But now a big side note! Please don’t think I’m slandering these events and the people that use them as a fabulous networking opportunity. Brands put a lot of effort into these events and it’s the media’s job to be there. And, I realise that not everyone has the liberty of closing their computer at 4pm. But what I am getting at, is obtaining balance – putting the right things first – being aware of what makes you happy & comfortable. What makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and sleep well at night. Are you trying to keep others happy at the expense of your own happiness? These are the types of boundaries I put in my life to obtain happiness – yours may be very different.



So here’s the article – it’s a good read! I guess success should not have you craving more sleep! (Albeit, a baby may have you doing that!!!) xx


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