Tights to keep you tight

Sjoe, so the last month has been a bit crazy with birthdays, Easter, funerals and travel – so I’ve fallen off the bating (I prefer to use Low Carb) wagon a bit and feeling the effects! So this week I’m back on it and of course, taking any opportunity to get to Pilates here, Yoga & Pilates here  and run! (Don’t forget to take advantage of my Somersault Studio’s Reader Special)


Anyway so in the desperate need of a run, I took my new Lorna Jane Lil Core Stability 3/4 Tights for a spin! They are awesome! What I love about them is that they sit high around the waist – combating any love handles, the thick fabric and paneling keeps everything sucked in, great for when you are not feeling body confident and they feel amazing on!

IMG_7479Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.51.12 AM


Right! So here we go . . . health + fitness = happiness! xx


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