Shake It Off

Keeping active this winter is key! But here’s a little help from 3 luxury firming friends, to help one along the way, to shape, firm & smooth; winter skin!

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 12.59.24 PM

I’ve long been a fan of the Clarins Body Shaping Cream for its creamy & luxurious, butter like texture and results! But this winter, it’s being relaunched, packed with Red Poppy extract with its exceptional refining power.

Says Clarins: “Used for the first time in a Clarins contouring product, poppy extract has demonstrated – in in vitro studies carried out in Clarins Laboratories – its capacity to slow the storage of fats while also stimulating their release.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 12.58.23 PM


Targeting stubborn fats, firming and refining hips, abdomen, waist, arms & knees, the new Clarins Body Shaping Cream along with a little massage will have your silhouette confident this winter! Available on counters from 17 August 2015 / R530



An absolute favourite morning indulgence is lathering in the rich Mio, The Activist Firming Body Oil! Easily absorbed, it leaves skin beautifully supple & hydrated, restores elasticity & firmness and locks in existing moisture for strong, firm skin! That’s all thanks to organic sweet almond oil, organic argan oil and antioxidants carrot & cranberry oil. And after all, the Mio Motto is “strong is the new skinny! Available at select salons. (R645)



New to South Africa, 8 Crème 689 Switzerland (R980) is a silky, light textures anti-cellulite cream that can be applied morning & or evening. It’s secret incgredient, CHacoll®.

Skin689’s innovative active-ingredient complex promising unique results. It penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates the skin’s own collagen synthesis. The collagen fibres increase and the collagen fibre network is stabilized. CHacoll® also increases skin elasticity and smoothes the skin’s surface.

21 women underwent testing over a 12 wk periods with the following results by the independent dermatological institute Dermatest (Mu?nster, Germany)

Skin elasticity

Skin elasticity was determined using a cutometer. Skin elasticity increased for 100 % of the subjects by an average of 14 % after four weeks and by an average of 22.42 % after twelve weeks. 95 % of the subjects experienced a subjective improvement in skin elasticity.

Surface area of the fat lobules

An astonishing effect was observed in ultrasonic measurement of the protruding fat lobules, which are responsible for the characteristic appearance of cellulite: the surface area of the fat lobules decreased for 100 % of the subjects. After four weeks, it was reduced by an average of 23.24 %, after eight weeks the surface area reduction averaged 34.51 % and after twelve weeks it was down by 44.06 %. According to the independent research institute, such an effect has never before been observed with any competing product.

Thigh circumference

Thigh circumference decreased for 100 % of the subjects. After four weeks, it was reduced by an average of 0.6 cm or 1.04 %, after twelve weeks, the average thigh circumference decrease was 1.87 cm or 3.25 %.

The cream smells beautiful, absorbs easily, instantly hydrates skin and leaves it feeling smoothed and silky! Totally fabulous! For stockists & details visit or email



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