PUMA’s Fast Track: Bubble Gum Pack

A little something to inspire you out into the winter weather! I’m becoming such a sneaker head! LOVE!

PUMA’s Fast Track programme has launched the Bubble Gum pack, a reimaging of the FAAS 500 v4 and FAAS 100 performance runners as lifestyle shoes. The Bubble Gum pack combines colourful and classic aesthetics with lightweight designs to produce an essential footwear collection. This pack becomes the perfect weapon for pounding the pavement due to its lightweight and breathable characteristics.

Fast Track_Bubble Gum pack_svFAAS 100_fuchsia red_svFast Track_Bubble Gum pack_bv


The Bubble Gum FAAS 100 will retail for R1 799 and the Bubble Gum pack FAAS 500 v4 for R1 899, from the PUMA SELECT stores in Bree Street, Cape Town and Braamfontein, Johannesburg from 3 June 2015.


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