From Africa to Ireland

A few of my favourite design pieces bought in S.A. that are coming to Dublin – our home definitely has to have a little S.A. flair! 🙂


Carpet, Gonsenhausers; table and pouffe, Moroccan Warehouse

Chairs, Malawi Chairs; wooden stool, Moroccan Warehouse; black & white tribal print cushions, Love Milo; yellow cushions, Skinny laMinx; grass mats, 5Five

Boss leather armchair, Dark Horse . Just got my hands on this beautifully crafted arm chair. So chuffed! Oh to have the matching couch! 🙂


Side table & lamp, Origo 



One thought on “From Africa to Ireland

  1. Hello there Kim – from what I have been reading on your blog of late ( on and off – and I probably missed something as well), it sounds like you are relocating over to the land of the Leprechauns. Dublin is a fabulous city. Back in the day – 2005 through to 2009, our company managed to pick up hotel design & decor work there ( Galway,Limerick, Kilkenny and Tipperary). I have spent many hours trawling the cities and country roads of Ireland. You will love it there. The people are totally amazing – friendly and its so safe. But its cold in winter – really cold. Not too sure when you relocation move is going to happen, but I just want to take this chance to wish you Bon Voyage. Safe travels and everything of the best with the process of settling into a new culture and new way of life. Give Ireland a kiss from moi. The advantages = able to hop over to fabulous London town and Europe at the drop of a hat. Cheap flights over there. Fondest Rose


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