Lets Talk Tech

Yay, so I’m excited to bring you a new tech series on the blog! Something I’ll talk about from time to time under my design category – featuring and reviewing some fashion savvy tech pieces for your home office or Missibaba bag! 🙂



Super exciting, to kick start this series I’ve just got my hands on the latest iPhone 6 in GOLD from hi-online.co.za! Eeeeh! The photo quality is amazing and so it’s a fashion bloggers dream come true!

The cool thing about ordering through hi-online is:

–   You are able to buy on your TFG account or cash (Your phone won’t be tied to any network. With this particular phone you will receive a free Vodacom sim but you’re able to use it on any network)

–  You receive free delivery (Free Delivery when you spend R500 or more on hi-online.co.za)


Super excited to use my new iPhone 6 on my blogging adventures and new travels! Find more phones and cute tech accessories at http://www.hi-online.co.za xx


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