YES Please for YAYA

Jeepers, one of everything please and my closest would be sorted!! Who’m I kidding, I love shopping! But this latest YAYA Collection really, really is so me and so cute! Just a sneak peek at the type of things you can expect, coming to Madison Boutique.

-beeldbank-large-Lookbook SS-14_035_YAYA42067-beeldbank-large-Lookbook SS-14_035_YAYA42246-beeldbank-large-Lookbook SS-14_035_YAYA42368-beeldbank-large-Lookbook SS-14_035_YAYA42458-beeldbank-large-Lookbook SS-14_035_YAYA42755-beeldbank-large-Lookbook SS-14.035 YAYA42018-beeldbank-large-Lookbook SS-14.041 YAYA46879-beeldbank-large-Lookbook SS-14.041 YAYA47047-beeldbank-large-Lookbook SS-YAYA LKBK-15S4-5 - 49488


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