We’re In!

YAY! We found an apartment in a lovely little seaside town called Monkstown! So excited to play house-house now! Our shipment from S.A. arrives around 10 September, so we are very much camping out at the moment – can’t wait to get my touch of S.A. unpacked!


We’re a minutes walk from a fabulous little street filled with fun shops and cafe’s!


And we’re a minutes walk from the sea!


Lots to show and tell! Watch this space xx


7 thoughts on “We’re In!

  1. Oh Wow Kim – it seems like an awesome neighborhood. Plus your house ( soon to be a home) has some cool finishes. Seeing Harry sitting in his little tub, reminds me of when my daughter lived in Finland. Baths were not the done thing there, only showers. Her kids used to bath in a little blow up swimming pool for kids, in the shower room. Enjoy the process.


  2. I am totally jealous! I’ve still not managed to find a place – and your’s tick all the boxes that I’m after! It totally had me at the tiles……. and I posted something on tiles just yesterday – I should have included yours with the Converse – would fit right in. Can’t wait to see it all unpacked……. with a bit of SA-flair in the mix…… Ax


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