Reflection Friday

So, We’ve been getting back into watching a couple Ted Talks in the evenings once Harry’s down. Finally the relocation evening-admin is getting less! Ted Talks never fail to inspire, amaze or make one really think. This talk in particular, I think especially being a women, really spoke to me. In fact, I shed a tear. AND had a good laugh! I’m sure you will relate if you’re about lists, boxes and control!


The next day, I got my “A Learning A Day” newsletter that correlated beautifully with what I had watched the night before.

“What, then, is perfection? Perfection, to me, is simply when we make the best of a situation given all the constraints.

So, before we attempt to make our next project “perfect,” lets ask ourselves what really matters and seek to control our input into those bits. Let the rest go and make the best of it.

Perfection is overrated because we view it as scarce. It isn’t. It is all around us. Every time we make the best of a situation or be the best version of ourselves, perfection appears. We just have to learn to see it and then appreciate it.” Read the full article here.

So don’t be fooled by my, or anyone elses instagram feed. Soft light, champagne and beautifully plated dinners, smiley babies and sick new shoes. We’re all chasing, fighting, dealing, hurting or trying!


Simply, be the best you can be, but don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability, it’s what connects us – You, are enough! xx



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