Home away from home

So our home is starting to taking shape! I’ll forever be re-arranging, you know – swapping cushions around, moving bowls around, adding a new item here and there . . . but the base has begun.


Leather chair, Dark Horse; Cow-hide, coffee table, kelim cushion & leather pouffe, Moroccan Warehouse; TV Unit, Brak Furniture; black lamp, Origo; standing lamp, The Artisan; baskets, Mono Online Store; round grass carpet, 5 Five.


Tribal print bowls, Love Milo; mugs & espresso mugs, Le Creuset; tall vessel mugs, Mono Online Store.


Trays, white wood spoons & white mug, Mono Online Store; black and white Moroccan Ceramics, The Moroccan Warehouse.


Cane Chair, Malawian Chairs; navy & white print cushion, Sugar Tong Tong; black & white tribal print cushion, Love Milo; couch & dining table, Ikea; Moroccan cushions, Moroccan Warehouse.


Bead spread, Moroccan Warehouse


Carpet, Gonsenhausers; mirror & ottomans, L.I.M; white pots, Mono Online Store.


Black& white pom-pom cushion, Mono Online Store.

IMG_4374 IMG_4370

Harry’s room, very much a work in progress, but YAY! 


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