Bofred Feature Furniture

I think I need a little Bofred Design in my life! My bedroom is calling for this lamp! LOVE! Find more designs here! 

fa4dd95c-9a97-47ef-b40c-82a44103777a11a034e5-165f-481d-986c-ee024b2ae5d9ec33524e-32d9-40ef-a507-1c0ff3c0991eaff69fad-e436-4959-83ac-67a2b3ccd2f4Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.36.45 PMb262092a-191e-4569-88f9-f3c4e5da8b5fcc534202-0f0f-4abd-9cd1-20d7c3c6b37f3dfd84d1-efc1-43ef-b274-09016d4307a8


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