New Mungo

Before returning to Dublin, I stocked up on a few my my favourite Mungo essentials; like these striped tea towels and Huck Kitchen Towels.


Next time I’m going to have to get the new, Cooks Cloth! Made from 50% Cotton & 50% hemp, it’s as versatile as it is stylish! (Similar to The Man Cloth – which saved my life. Now my pretty tea towels stay clean!)

Three unique features give the cook’s cloth its appeal and many uses in the kitchen.

  1. A sewn-in hanging loop:  No more falling kitchen cloths!Avoid this unnecessary frustration completely by making swift use of the hanging loop, to quickly and easily place your cloth where it belongs. It won’t land up on the floor anymore. Score!


  1. Drawstring: Turn your cloth into an apron by looping the string around the back of your waist and securing it to the cloth in the front. Your handy cloth is now a sleek apron for when you need your hands free to slice, saute, sprinkle, sizzle and such!


  1. Button hole: If you struggle to get through a meal without some of it spilling down your front, this nifty button hole can save you from many awkward mealtime moments.  Business-class travellers know all about this little secret, and now your clothes can stay clean and crisp through-out the day too

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