Reflection Friday: The Magic Of airbnb

I’ve only recently really started getting into airbnb – and the more I began to look for cosy, cost-effective weekends away in Ireland (We’re staying here & here next), the more I began to open up my search to Europe and other parts of the world, dreaming of fabulous destinations and being inspired by all these different homes. In the same week, I stumbled upon this article, on spending money on experiences, rather than things!

“Gilovich also studied anticipation and found that anticipation of an experience causes excitement and enjoyment, while anticipation of obtaining a possession causes impatience. Experiences are enjoyable from the very first moments of planning, all the way through to the memories you cherish forever.” Read the full article here.

And this is exactly what airbnb was doing for me – bringing tremendous joy in planning, dreaming, creating goals and looking forward to exploring. Whether it’s a budget cottage 20 minutes away or a 10 sleeper villa in Italy, there’s something to be said for the lasting power of experiences!

3 spots on my airbnb wish list:


Galway, Ireland





Happy traveling xx


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