Toasty Floors

I’ve always been a huge fan of screed floors, and so the new Cemrete Coffee Inspired Colour Collection has me wanting to get play renovate, renovate!

Cemcrete is excited to add six NEW coffee inspired Colour Hardener colours to the range. Six toasty NEW colours that will warm up any interior or exterior space. We all get a great start to our day with that first sip of java and now Cemcrete brings the warmth of your favourite morning beverage into your space. Pick your favourite or use contrasting coffee inspired tones to add warmth and a boost to your space, just like your morning cuppa does for you!


What is Colour Hardener?

A granolithic concrete material that is floated into fresh screed or concrete which colours, strengthens and creates durable surfaces for concrete floors.

Here are only some of the benefits of using Colour Hardener flooring:

  • Creates a unique, naturally mottled screed floor finish.
  • Ideal floor finish to create continuation from the indoor to outdoor spaces, as it can be used for both and is UV resistant.
  • Almost doubles the MPa strength of a standard screed and is therefore perfect for high-traffic areas. The life cycle performance is excellent, especially in environments that have to deal with the burdens of maintenance and durability.
  • Can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating.
  • No risk of colour being rubbed off or abraded.
  • It’s the perfect material for anyone who wants to express their artistic tastes, whether you want to stain, imprint or incorporate special inlays.

Let’s introduce you to the six new Colour Hardener colours:

Espresso… a luxurious, dark-roasted brown with richness and depth.

2Vanilla Bean… an essential neutral shade that will add a subtle sweetness to any look.


Mocha Java… a toasted coffee tone in-between brown and gray.



Chai Latte… as the name suggests it is a sweet and spiced shade featuring hints of cinnamon, pepper, cardamom and ginger.


House Blend… an industrial chic modern grey with cool undertones.


Cappuccino… a coffee range will not be complete without the popular cappuccino shade. Traditionally composed of espresso and hot milk and we’ve added a touch of caramel to the shade.



What is your favourite coffee inspired colour? Is it the dark roast of our House Blend, the creamy steam of our Cappuccino or the flavourful smokey Chai Latte?


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