Nourish & Glow 21 Day Program Week 2

2 weeks in and I’m still loving my 21 Day Nourish & Glow Challenge, well, not too much of a challenge, I love eating healthy food, but it has been slightly different to my previous way of eating (Low carb) … If you missed week 1, you can read it here!


Loved this weeks smoothie of almond milk, banana, nuts, cinnamon and honey! Again, the meals have all been easy to prepare and filling! (Never mixing starch & protein) Marlien adjusts your program according to your needs & concerns. Having told her that I’ve been living the low carb lifestyle, she’s only slowly introduced starchy foods like legumes, quinoa, sweet potatoes. I’ve not worried too much about portion control (I love food & I love to eat!) when it comes to lunch & dinner and I’ve lost 2cm around the waist. Being off the wine for 2 wks means getting up in the mornings has become a lot easier, my sleep still on and off but certainly of better quality.


Better sleep has certainly motivated my running (Some views below from our run) and I’ve made some ground in terms of training. (We’ve entered the Dublin Half Marathon in September) My mood feels more stable, positive and I feel like I look less tired in the mornings! (Fist pump!)


I’ve started my final week and will report back once I’ve finished the 21 Day Nourish & Glow Program. I still think there’s something to be said for “Low carb, high fat” – but all these diets again depend on the person, your concerns etc. 2 weeks in, I’m certainly feeling nourished, a new zest for life & inspired by Marliens way of eating! x


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